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happy users

I received a very cool thankful email from a snappy user today:

"After testing I quickly found out that Snappy is what I've been looking for ever since I started using Linux, 5-6 years ago.

In my work as an animator I've felt that there have always been a lack of a production quality video player. That is a player that lets me view my clips without getting in the way and gives me full control of playback.
For instance there haven't been a single player that could do frame stepping backwards, I've asked for this feature from all of the players but only got answers like impossible, too much work, why would anyone want that?, etc.
Now snappy is out with exactly that feature. And that is in version 0.2.
Snappy is also targeted towards us professionals. That is reassuring as focus will be on what important to us, playback of video, instead of eyecandy like a gazillion effects.
It fits perfectly in my production pipeline as a tool that does one thing, plays videos, and does it well.

Snappy has been a pleasue to know for the last couple of months.

Thank you!

... aaand that made my day! \o/
so, no, Thank You David

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